Always have a backup plan!

Written by Caleb Scoville on June 25, 2008 – 2:48 pm -

Technology may make our lives a lot easier in most respects, but every once and a while, there’s a glitch so big in our business that makes us want to smash our computers and run off with a neo-luddite clan.

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic - but the issue I’m referring to is something most internet marketers have run into at some point.

The issue is bad bridge lines. You know, when you host a conference call, teleclass, teleseminar (or whatever you call it) and everything’s going great and then all of a sudden… BANG! Everyone gets kicked off the call!

Well… I’m not here to tell you about some perfect bridge line that never has problems because frankly, I don’t know that one exists. For sure, free ones are going to be more prone to problems, but just because your paying a pretty penny for your bridge line, it doesn’t mean it won’t have the occasional glitch.

So here’s what I suggest:

If you’re going to host a teleseminar, have a secondary backup bridge line available just in case something happens while on the call.

In the announcements to you attendees, tell them about the backup bridge line. You could say something like this:

In the rare case that we run into a technical difficulty and get kicked off of our line, our backup bridge line number and code are xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxxx#.

That’s it!

99.9% of the time you won’t need it, but that one time something goes wrong, your clients or prospects won’t be cursing your name for being unprofessional - they’ll be praising you for your preparedness.

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